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Welcome to my English pages

This website is about music education. I generally write in Norwegian, but I aim to translate a few of my articles and blog posts to English. Please let me know via Twitter, Facebook or my contact page if you find this interesting (which will encourage me to do some more stuff in English).

(Automatic translation tools are unfortunately not yet capable of making good translations on any topic to/from smaller languages, like Norwegian. They're helpful, but you often end up with some quite amusing nonsense.)

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About me

I'm a Norwegian music educator and an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE). Besides teaching general music at a public school just outside Oslo, which is really the basis of my professional work, I also run some projects that give me lots of pleasure! One of them is Skapia, a national initiative about composing music, in collaboration with The Norwegian Radio Orchestra, The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet, two of our major composers associations and more.

My courses for teachers are well known for being closely related to classroom practice and therefore highly appreciated. I have been presenting at conferences in Finland, Australia and Singapore, as well as several times in Norway. I've also initiated a series of conferences on technology in music education in Norway, MusTek. At MusTek we always try to present keynote speakers from outside Norway. So far we've had presenters from Sweden, UK and Australia.

Please don't hesitate getting in touch via Twitter, Facebook or my contact page

I aim to present some articles in English from this page at a later stage. In the meanwhile, here are some videos in English with stuff I do. (There are more videos in Norwegian on my YouTube channel.)

Eldar Skjørten

Apple Distinguished Educator

My students performing:

This is from the opening of SETT 2017, - a major conference about technology in education. ...So we made a joke about SETT and BETT - our apologies to all "BETT-people" out there... ? 

ADE video presentation 2015:

Touch Board as a midi controller:

Exhibition with students' art:

My students performing on iPads:

This is from the opening of a conference about iPads in education. It is part of a piece called "Welcome with honor", by the Norwegian composer Geirr Tveitt (1908-1981). I did the arrangement for iPads.

ADE video presentation 2016:

A simple "hologram" projector:

Go to this page, or click at the image below, for a video from my music classes (at the bottom of the page). Click CC for English captions.