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Clapping games: I’ll Think of You

Epic Patty Cake Song

We can have a lot of fun with hand clapping games and rhythms, and there are a lot to choose from. Some with, and some without singing. My students love this one!

The American artist and video producer Kurt Hugo Schneider specializes in YouTube videos, often with music where he collaborates with younger American artists. In 2014 he released Epic Cake Song / I'll Think of You together with Sam Tsui, Alex G and Alyson Stoner. It became a "hit".

Watch this video in full screen with your students. The rhythm is not as difficult at it may seem. More about that in the next paragraph.

Learning the rhythm:

Here Kurt and Sam shows the rhythm slowly. I have linked the video so it starts at 2:17.

You may of course choose wether you want to learn it yourself first, or let the students learn the clapping rhythm right from the video. I often prefer the latter, but it depends on the age of the students and how organized they are. I find that letting students learn the rhythm themselves from the video makes them more active, self-driven and gives them the opportunity to work at their own pace. It assumes that they can watch the video in groups, for instance on iPads, computers or their own cell phones.

You'll find links to the videos by clicking the curved arrow in the top right corner.

The lyrics: I'll Think Of You

Lyrics: Kurt Hugo Schneider

I’ll think of you as I go
So when I leave you’re not alone
And no matter where we are
We will never be that far
‘cause I will think of you as I go

I’ll think of you as I dream
So when it’s dark you’ll be with me
And no matter where we are
We can look up to the stars
And I will think of you as I dream

Oh, it’s a long and winding road
But you don’t have to walk alone
'Cause no matter where we are
I will keep you in my heart
And I will think of you as I go

I’ll think of you when I’m down
When my heart is on the ground
And I will never lose my way
Even when the skies are grey
‘cause I will think of you when I’m down


Tip 1:

Notice that line 3-5 share the same melody in the verses and chorus.

Suggested approach:

Lesson 1:

  1. Watch and listen
    Watch the first video (with singing and hand clapping) a few times.
  2. Divide students in groups
    Make groups of four and assign them a place to work. (It may be outside. If so, make sure to load the YouTube video to your devices before going out the network's reach.)
  3. Collaboration
    - everyone in the group is responsible for everyone learning the rhythm
    - change partners within the group often
    - learn the rhythm in short sequences that may be put together
    - make it slowly in the beginning

Lesson 2:

  1. Sing the song
    Sing along with the video first. Then learn the details of the melody and focus on good singing quality.
  2. Divide students in groups
    Make new groups of four and repeat the collaboration tips from last lesson (no. 3 above).
  3. Practice
    Now they may practice the rhythm and optionally combine it with the song.

Tip 2:

When learning and practicing the rhythm they will work in pair, but collaborate in groups of four. Students should switch partners all the time within the group. That way, those who need more time to learn the clapping rhythm will get input from different partners (with good patience). (And no one gets "stuck" the whole session with a partner who needs a lot of help.)

Tip 3:

Parts of the song is an "echo arrangement". You can do this as well if you want. Just let the students listen and do the echo optional.

More videos:

Same song, but another way to do rhythms:

Same clapping rhythm, but another song (Send My Love, Adele):

A version of "The Cup Song", known from the movie Pitch Perfect:

Same rhythm as The Cup Song, but another song (I Don't Wanna Live Forever, Taylor Swift):

Tip 4:

These rhythms may be used with several other songs as well. Just try!

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